How to get better scanning results!

Please follow these steps for best scanning results

  1. Prepare your photo for scanning by carefully removing the photo from any frames or sleeves. If the photo is stuck to the glass, contact us for further guidance do not force this as you can damage your photo further
  2. Prepare you scanner by cleaning the scanner glass with a lint free or microfibre cloth to remove any dust or particles. You can use glass cleaner but make sure to remove any smudges and fingers prints after as these will show on your scanned image
  3. Place your photo on the scanner glass face down and close the lid
  4. Open your scanner application on your PC/Laptop i.e Epson, Canon etc. Set the image type to TIFF, Full Colour (48bit if available ) and 600DPI/Resolution. Make sure any adjustments are unticked.
  5. Click preview, this will preview the image for cropping. Draw a box around your image and then click Scan
  6. Name and Save the image (TIFF) to your pictures